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Welcome to B-Fit & Beautiful.

B-Fit & Beautiful, focus on personalized training. I design a workout regimen around you and your goals. I am experienced Health Coach & Personal trainer I have been in fitness my entire life. I know how to create the body you are looking for whether it is to lean out, bulk up, tone, or train for performance. Whatever it is I can help you do it.

I can design you a program around long term results and wellness. This is not just about getting the weight off so the scale looks good. This is about keeping the weight off and more importantly looking good and being healthy to live longer.   My goal is to help you look Fit and feel beautiful (handsome) inside and out.  

I'm your Coach!  


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About Us

I can help you get it done! I cater to all fitness needs. Some of my clients just simply want to lose weight and tone a little, and other want to turn eyes when they walk through the room. I can increase and decrease the intensity of the workout and the strictness of your eating depending on what you are trying to do.

Contact Us

Brenda  Boyd

Tel: 281-804-1205

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